Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Social Media Advice

I just watched a very informative and helpful 10 minute video by Perry Belcher explaining the psychology behind social media and what you need to have in mind as you are utilizing things like twitter, myspace, facebook, etc. If you're thinking about marketing using web 2.0 social media, this is a "must watch" video. If you're in the right frame of mind, and understand where everyone else is coming from, you'll be a much more savvy internet marketer.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Earning Money with Adsense

Adsense Treasure may be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways for a newbie to get started earning money on the internet. The Adsense Treasure websites are interesting, informative and well organized. The articles are well written and most important of all, each page of the website is already optimized for adsense. That means that with a very small investment, even a beginner can start earning money quickly. Promotion will have to be done, but the program comes with enough resources to steer you in the right direction and keep you busy promoting and earning money for a long time to come. For a very small fee, the developer of this program will also set up and host your site for you with no ongoing charges. Or you can do it yourself if you know how to follow directions. This seems to me to be just about the most effective way for a new internet marketer to actually earn some money. A second income stream can come through becoming an affiliate and promoting the program through clickbank.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Social Bookmarking Service

I just discovered - actually was directed to - a free service for submitting to social bookmarking sites. If you don't know the purpose for social bookmarking, just do it anyway. If you are trying to get your blog or your website up into the search engine ranks, social bookmarking is crucial and you need to do it to every individual page and every blog post. So now for the free service... Drumroll please...

This handy tool will enable you to do your bookmarking quicker and more efficiently even though there is still some manual submission involved. You should be able to bookmark to about 50 sites in 15 to 20 minutes. Nifty, huh?!

Do you know any other free handy tools for online marketing that you'd like to share?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Maximize Your Online Advertising

Is online advertising dead?

I don’t think so. I’m still seeing advertisements with good response rate.

After studying some of the online advertising sales letters with good response rate, I realized that the fundamentals of online advertising has not changed.

The only problem is that the days of short opt-in squeeze pages are gone. Prospects are getting immune to the idea of opting in. Nice graphic and squeeze page design can no longer impress the prospects.

I just read this blog post and it confirms what I have seen myself about squeeze pages. The author goes on to explain how you can utilize a well written classic sales letter to make your online advertising more effective. (Read the whole post by clicking on the post title.)

I believe that utilizing video is also going to be a key both in online advertising, squeeze pages and in sales letters. I have seen this used very effectively and I believe this trend is going to increase more and more.

Do you have ideas on how to make online advertising more effective? I'd love to hear them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Using Twitter

I recently started micro-blogging using Twitter and I highly recommend it. I wasn't sure what it was all about, but it is proving to be a very effective business tool. The idea behind Twitter is to quickly and easily be able to share your updates to your blog and other sites as well as newsy tidbits of your daily life - such as the first egg your chickens laid for you! It's amazing to get to know the life behind your business associates and some of the things they do for fun.

Twitter has also enabled me to discover some other resources and tools that I am now utilizing with great benefit to my business efforts. For instance, I discovered through someone I follow on Twitter that we can schedule a virtual blog book tour to let people know about our new book, Aloha is Forever. Plus I was introduced to the 30 Day Challenge and am learning tons through it. Ed Dale, Guru Bob and company can explain anything (and they do) in a way that even the newest of the new marketers can understand and implement.

Anyway, be sure to start tweeting by going to Then start following me - I'm sreece.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Need the secret to jump starting traffic to your website?

My Best Kept Secrets To Increase Web Site Traffic From Scratch
July 12, 2008
By Kenneth Koh
(copied with permission)

Helping you to increase your website traffic has always been my top priority and today, I’m going to share with you my best kept secrets to increase web site traffic from scratch.
Like many of you, I started my career in internet marketing with little knowledge, no JV partner, no internet marketing friend and I didn’t pay thousands of dollars to attend any seminar on internet marketing. I started from scratch, learning the ropes by reading tons of ebooks and email newsletters (blog wasn’t popular when I started online).
So I believe whatever web site traffic strategy that works for me will work for you.

My Most Important Web Site Traffic Strategy

My most important web site traffic strategy is viral marketing.
Viral marketing is a huge topic by itself and it encompasses many different strategies, including viral ebook, viral software, affiliate program, tell-a-friend system and even list building.
Before I even start thinking about the details of any new web site, the first question I will ask myself is “How can I multiply my initial traffic into more traffic?” If I can’t get a good answer to this question, I will not build the web site at all. (Clarification: I’m referring to mega web sites like LeadsLeap, not those little Adsense or affiliate web sites that rely on search engine traffic.)
The whole idea of viral marketing is that you want people to tell other people about your website.
You may think all you need is an affiliate program. If you do, you are dead wrong! Just because you are having an affiliate program doesn’t mean that people will start spreading the words. In most cases, they won’t!
The key in viral marketing is to create a buzz in the community. You need to position your new web site in such a way that there is some novelty in it, something that will make people say “Hey, it sounds interesting” or “Hey, this is something new”. If you can do that, together with a good supporting system such as an affiliate program, your web site will spread like wild fire.

Next, You Need Web Site Traffic Starter

I derive the term Traffic Starter from Fire Starter. When you set up a fire, you need fire starters. Similarly, if you want your website to spread like wild fire, you need a traffic starter, which is the initial traffic to your website.
Can you imagine what will happen if you burn lots of fire starters but you fail to put some charcoal around them? Yes, you get some initial fire but it soon dies.
In the case of web site traffic, the charcoal is the viral marketing components. That’s why I say viral marketing is the most important web site traffic strategy. You MUST have that in place before even thinking about where to get your initial traffic. Am I clear on this point?

Ok next, where do you get the initial traffic?

Frankly, it really doesn’t matter where you get the initial traffic, as long as the traffic you receive are targeted.
When finding the initial web site traffic, an important question to ask yourself is “Where can I find people who are interested in my web site?” Whatever answer you get, go there and find ways to channel the traffic to your website.
It could mean you have to pay some money to advertise. It could also mean you have to write to some website owners and strike out some JV deals.
When I first started, I had no JV contact and I got all my initial traffic from advertising. I spent quite a bit on advertising (5 figures to be exact), but I soon earned back the money because I put a lot of “charcoal” around my traffic starter. Get the idea?
That’s really my main secret to increase web site traffic and I hope you get the gist of it.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Promoting with a Rotator

To be perfectly honest, until just recently I didn't even know such a thing as a rotator existed. This one allows you to rotate unlimited sites and to target them to different geographical areas of the world. Since most people who are marketing on the internet seem to be marketing more than one opportunity or business, this rotator is the ideal answer. Not only that, it also tracks the hits to each one of your websites. It's a pretty cool piece of software! Instead of promoting each website separately, try promoting with a rotator.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can We Learn Something From the Penguin?

We visited the zoo in Tyler recently with our daughter and grandson. One of the highlights was the penguin exhibit, especially since our grandson has a movie about Scamper, the Penguin. Anyway, Rick got to thinking about how penguin behavior demonstrates covenant relationships. So he wrote a blog about it. To read more click here.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Improve Your Health

My husband just sent me a couple of interesting links. One I have posted at my health related blog. It's called, 25 Ways to Improve Your Health.

Here is another fun one that links to a Youtube video, May the Farm be With You:

And how about a vegetable band:

Have fun!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Get hot traffic to your site! Free Report

Building an online business and need ideas on how to get targeted traffic to your website? I recently came across this series of 10 lessons on how to get the best targeted visitors to your website - those with credit card in hand, ready to purchase from you. Go here to get your free 10 lessons on how to generate hot traffic for $200 or less. This series will give you the basics on how to get started generating those visitors that will make your business profitable.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Protecting Your Skin from the Inside Out

In an article titled Healthy Skin from the Inside Out By J.William LaValley, MD, he states that:
Skin health is an important factor in our general well-being. In addition to the multitude of options for topical skin treatments, it is important to remember that our skin is a large organ that is nourished from the nutrients in our diets.
So what can we do to improve skin health from the inside out?

As you might suspect, the type of diet you consume has a significant impact on the health of your skin. From recent studies, it appears that eating a Mediterranean-type diet is not only good for your heart, it's good for your skin as well.

An important study showed that "higher intakes of vitamin C and linoleic acid and lower intakes of fats and carbohydrates are associated with better skin-aging appearance".1 This is easily accomplished with a Mediterranean-type diet that includes healthy oils from nuts, moderate meats and oily fish, and lots of colorful fresh vegetables.

Stimulating the detoxification pathways within your cells also helps to improve the appearance and function of your skin. Broccoli, watercress, Brussels sprouts, and kale all contain naturally occurring sulforaphanes -- healthy dietary molecules that enhance cellular detoxification.2-3 Eating these vegetables raw, or juicing them using a high-quality juicer are the best ways to obtain their substantial detoxification and anticancer benefits.

I don't know about you, but I haven't eaten much watercress or brussel sprouts lately. Since my daughter and I planted kale and broccoli in our garden this year, I am for the first time in many years getting my fill of broccoli and enjoying kale for the very first time in my life.

But in spite of the limitations of our diets we can all strive to get more of these healthy components incorporated into our daily routine. Our body's largest organ, the skin, will love us and reward us for it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Punch in the Stomach

When I was a kid my brother and sisters and I went to visit our cousin one afternoon. It was only about a mile down the road and it was a special event because we only got to visit them occasionally when we were at our getaway cabin for the weekend. It was a beautiful afternoon and we decided to play softball. All of a sudden I felt the bat connect with my stomach. It was a take-your-breath-away-for-several-minutes kind of punch in the stomach. I keeled over in pain and unable to get any air. Fortunately it only lasted a few minutes. I soon recovered and no damage had been done. Fortunately, the bat hit me square in the stomach and not where there were any bones that could have been broken.

I was just thinking how much like life this incident was. We've all experienced that punch in the stomach that totally takes ones breath away! It may have been the unexpected diagnosis of a terminal illness, perhaps it was the accidental death of a loved one, maybe the death of a child. It may have been the discovery that your spouse has been unfaithful, or the sudden announcement that your spouse was leaving. As a nation, the attack on 9-11, the flooding of New Orleans and many other similar disasters were that punch in the stomach.

That punch in the stomach for us came in the form of a phone call on the Monday evening after the Thanksgiving weekend of 1999. It was our son John's boss calling from Hawaii. John had gone on a hike in the Kohala Mountains in the northeastern part of the Big Island with the intent of hiking across the mountains and valleys from north to south over the 4 day holiday. He had not returned in time for work on Monday. There wasn't much to worry about because the hike was very ambitious to complete in 4 days. And there had been unusually heavy rains in that area over the weekend.

But the news sent us to our knees. Where was our son? Find out the rest of the story in our newly released e-book Where There is Hope.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day - The Real Story

This quote out of Kathie Walter's book, "Celtic Flames" tells who St. Patrick really was.

Mar 17, 2008


From the book "Celtic Flames" by Kathie Walters


ST PATRICK was born of Christian parents towards the close of the fourth century. His father, Calpurnius, though of British race was by birth a Roman citizen, and held the rank Decurion. The father and grandfather of Calpurnias, Potitus and Odissus, had both been Christians; so that the family had kept the faith at least several generations.

Conchessa, Patrick's mother, was a near relative of the great St Martin of Tours. She was a wise and good woman, and sought to bring up their children in the fear and love of God.

As the son of a Roman Citizen and a British noble he was bound to have had some education. According to the custom of British citizens of the Roman Empire, Patrick was given three names, rendered in Latin as Patricius, Magonus, Sacatus. Patricius meaning ‘Noble', and Sacatus, a Celtic word meaning 'valiant in war'.

Patrick had a brother, Sannan, and five sisters. They all walked in the footsteps of their parents, and all became great servants of God and His Church. Al old chronicler wrote of Patrick:

"There lay great darkness and gloom over the hearts of the heathen until the Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ, scattered His radiance over the quarters of the globe, to enlighten it through His apostles: and through His saints and just men,.. One, then, of the rays and of the flames which the Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ, sent into the world---the ray and the flame, and the precious stone, and the brilliant lamp, which lighted the rest of the world--is Patrick, great bishop of the west, and a father of the belief of the men of Ireland." Calpurnins dwelt at Bannavem Taberniae, which was near the rock of Dumbarton, or in Wales. It was certainly in some part of Roman Britain or Brittany.

The most reliable historical document is the "Confession" of St Patrick, written by himself towards the close of his life. Ancient biographies of him there are in plenty, but not written until three or four centuries after his death. Of these the most important is the "Tripartite Life," which consists of three parts. It is in Irish, with passages in Latin, and many of the quaint expressions in the following close translation of the original manuscripts which were written before the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland.

Historians of modern time have been perplexed by the strange and incredible stories in which the Tripartite Lives abounds, in common with the other ancient lives of St Patrick. And it is hard to reconcile our ideas of the Christian meekness and gentleness with some features of Patrick’s character as he is represented in his missionary journeys; Working miracles to terrify and subdue the enemies of the faith. Patrick's right hand was often raised to bless; but, according to the chroniclers, his terrible left hand was just as often lifted to bring down a curse upon the wicked.

That Patrick worked great and wonderful is beyond question. That they were such miracles that they won him enthusiast admiration and enduring love of the people is certain.

De Vere wrote long ago of Patrick:

"Beholding not alone his wondrous works.

But, wondrous more, the sweetness of his strength,

And how he neither shrank from flood nor fire,

And how he couched him on the wintry rocks,

and how he sang great hymns to One who heard,

And how he cared for poor men and the sick,

And for the souls invisible of men."

Miracles happened even over the birth of St. Patrick. As no priest was to be found, the infant was taken to the blind hermit, Gornias, to be baptized. A difficulty arose because there was no water to perform the ceremony. Gornias, however by faith, took the baby’s hand and with it traced the sign of the cross upon the earth, and as a result, of water gushed forth. Bathing his own eyes the hermit saw, and he then baptized Patrick. In Nemthur under the care of foster mother. He grew in grace and miracles attended his childhood.

"From his childhood he had been able to understand the things if God, even before he knew how to discern between good and evil. Patrick, in the Book of Epistles, said, "And He, God, had pity on my youth and ignorance, and He took care of me before I knew Him, and before I could distinguish between good and evil. And He strengthened me and comforted me as a father does his son."

Fostering was a custom peculiar to the tribal system of ancient Ireland and was regulated by the Brehon laws, which ordained that the sons of nobles should be educated in the homes of the tribesmen until they reached the age of seventeen - the daughters until their fourteenth year.

Although of noble birth, the child was not brought up in luxury. His foster-parents are represented as careful, thrifty people, perhaps living On the farm which belonged to Calprnius, and attending to his flocks and herds.


Once when Patrick was minding sheep with his sister, Lupita, the little girl tripped and fell, striking her head violently against a stone. Her brother was some distance away, but when he returned and found her lying there, unconscious, he prayed over her and raised her up. The wound was instantly healed, and the girl recovered. The scar remained visible, as a proof of the miracle.


On one occasion when the Britons had a meeting, his foster-parents took him with them. While they were there his foster-father suddenly died. At first, a great hush fell upon the assembly, then the man's relatives began to weep, and his wife cried.

Patrick had been playing with the other children, and had not noticed the distress of the people. But seeing what had happened, he ran to his foster-father, and putting his arm round the dead man's neck, he said affectionately; "Get up and let us go home."

The man arose at once at Patrick's word, and full of life, he returned home with his wife and boys.


When Patrick we sixteen years old the Picts and Scots began to raid the coast, plunder and take hostages. One of the most victorious of these ‘sea kings’ was Niall, surnamed, "Of the Nine Hostages" (because he took hostages from nine places). It was during one of Niall’s raids that Patrick was taken hostage one day, along with a maid-servant, his sister, Lupita, and some other companions.

He was taken by ship to Ireland, somewhere along the coast of Antrim and sold as a slave to a petty king, Dalaradia. He was put in charge of a herd of swine and so spent most time out in the fields. But it was there that God was made real to him and as he said later, his eyes were opened to see his unbelief, and he was truly converted. All the scripture which he learned as a child flooded his mind and heart and he decided then that somehow he would become a servant of God.

Milcho was so impressed with Patrick that he asked him to teach his children to read, but Milcho was a druid and opposed to Christianity, which was spreading across Ireland. Patrick had many conversations with the angel of Ireland, named Victor.


One night after six years, he heard the voice of Victorious, the Angel over Ireland, who said "Soon you shall return to your country." A while later the same voice spoke to him again; "Your ship is ready." He managed to escape, trusting God and made his way to the coast. After a few days he found a ship ready to sail, and after some hassles he was taken on board.

Eventually Patrick after months of journeying, arrived home. His parents had died, but his relatives welcomed him.


One night he was awakened by the same angel Victorious whom he had known in Ireland. He was standing beside Patrick’s bed holding many letters in his hand, He selected one and handed it to Patrick. It read, "The Voice of the Irish." Then he heard many voices calling to him to come back to Ireland and bring the message of the Gospel.

Finally God provided a way for Patrick to return to Ireland in 432 A.D.

So the ministry to the Irish began, not without opposition from the Druids and wizards who tried desperately to keep Patrick away from the kings, for they had prophesied of his coming. Patrick believed that if the kings could be won for God, then the people would follow.

One of the main spiritual battles between Patrick and the Druids was fought at the Hill of Tara. In 433 A.D. The High King, Laeghaire (Lea-ry), son of the renowned Niall of the Nine Hostages, had invited the sub-kings and nobles and bards to a lavish festival. It was to start with great bonfires, but until those fires were lit by the Druids, it was forbidden for other fires to be seen.

King Laeghaire, in his efforts to hold his power over the lower kings had given himself to the power of the wizards, and skillful magicians and Druidic priests along with their idols.

Lochru and Lucat-Mael were his chief wizards, and being false prophets they had foretold that "A teacher would come from over the sea to their land: That a multitude would receive him, and that he would find love and reverence from the men if Ireland. He would cast out from their realms the evil kings and lords, and would destroy all the idols; and the worship established by him would abide in the land forever."

No doubt the Druids knew of the progress of Christianity in Britain and Europe. Their brethren abroad had been discredited and they were afraid of the same fate. They were very much afraid of losing their influence and authority.

Patrick leaving the friendly hospitality of Dichu, sailed southward and arrived at Inver Colptha, the mouth of the river Boyne. There Patrick left his nephew, Lomman in charge of his boat. They followed the course of the stream, for about 12 miles until they came to the Hill of Slane, where Patrick proposed to celebrate Easter.

While they rested there on the hill, they saw the magnificent view beneath of the river Boyne; to the north, far away were the purple mountains of Mourne, and to the south lay the beautiful hills of Wicklow.

Against this background, about 10 miles away, stood the royal hill of Tara. The roofs of the palaces shining in the setting sun.


When the sun had set, Patrick prepared to begin the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. It was the first time the paschal fire was lit, never to be extinguished in the land.

Hardly were the Christian torches seen to blaze, when the attention of the High King was drawn to the prodigy. The whole of Mag Breg, (the Beautiful Plain), was illuminated by the fires, while Tara was still in darkness. Angrily the King called his attendants and told them to find out who had dared to light the fires, and break the law he had made for the occasion of the festivals of Beltane and Samhain. They told Laeghaire that there was no need to send messengers to Slane for they knew what the fires were. "We see the fire," they said, "And we know that unless it is quenched on the night in which it is made, it will not be quenched for ever. He, who kindled it, will vanquish the kings and lords of Ireland, unless he is forbidden."

"This shall not be !" cried the king, "but we will got down and slay this man who kindled the fire."

The horses were made ready in haste. Meanwhile on the hill of Slane, Patrick had begin with the others the celebration of the Easter festival, singing and worshiping God.


And so the camp of Christ and the camp of Satan were drawn up in rivalry. Demons hovered over Tara while the Angelic host kept guard over Slane. Patrick, with Victor, the Angel who was the guardian of Ireland, had no need to fear for the result of the contest.

It was late when nine chariots, bearing the king and queen with two chief wizards and a number of nobles came thundering toward Slane.

The wizards began to fear lest the king might fall by taking a hasty action. As they drew toward the Christians, the wizard spoke to king Laeghaire, "You should take heed, they cautioned the king, "Not to go down to the place where the fire was made, and thereby give reverence to the man who kindled the fire. Rather stay outside and let him be called out to you, so that he will know that you are the king, and he is the subject." The king was flattered and agreed.

They drove to the place called, "The Graves of Fiacc’s Men," and they un-yoked the horses. The king and his nobles sat in solemn state, and the warriors stood with their shields erect in front of them, with their chins resting on the top of their shields. In the light of the fires they looked fierce. The king forbade anyone to rise to greet Patrick or any of his company, (contrary to the custom of the Irish). A messenger was sent to fetch Patrick to the king.

Soon a bright procession appeared descending the hill. As Patrick advanced, all eyes were fixed on him. Calmly he sang as he approached the king, "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will call upon the Name of the Lord our God," (don’t you love this?).

As Patrick’s clear strong voice resounded, a feeling of awe filed the minds of the warriors. One man, Erc, the son of Deg, rose to greet Patrick. By grace, in a moment, he believed in God; and Patrick blessed him. Later on he was baptized and eventually became the first bishop of Slane. And Patrick prophesied to him, "Your city on earth will be high and noble."


After a "formal" greeting between Laeghaire and Patrick, the wizard Lochru attacked him angrily with contention and shouting. He became malicious and hostile, and even violent, blaspheming the Holy Trinity. Patrick’s anger was roused and he called upon God, "O Lord, Who can do all things, and on Whose power depends all that exists, You have sent us here to preach Your Name to the heathen. Now let this ungodly man, who blasphemes your Name, be lifted up and let him die."

No sooner had Patrick finished speaking than a supernatural force raised the wizard in the air. He fell heavily down, his head striking a stone. And so he died in the presence of those assembled.

The heathen seeing their own subdued, and realizing that Patrick had more power than the Druids were impressed.

But the king was enraged at the fate of Lochru, on whom he had greatly depended on in all his difficulties. He then wanted to take the life of Patrick. "Slay this man," he cried to his guards, But Patrick stood firmly in his place. With flashing eyes and a resonant voice he said, "Let God arise and His enemies be scattered; and let them that hate Him flee from before His face! As smoke vanishes, so let them vanish away: as wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God."

By thus time the sun had begun to rise and the morning splendor bathed the earth. But at the words of Patrick, darkness crept back over the sky and the ground shook with an earthquake.

The swords and spears of the warriors clashed against their shields and it seemed to them that the sky was falling down, and there was no hope of escape from impending destruction.

The frightened horses galloped away in wild confusion, and the wind blew so fiercely that the chariots moved.

Because of the confusion and fear the warriors began to fight among themselves and some were killed. Realizing their mistake, they fled, leaving only three people with King Laeghaire and Queen Angas.

The king remained sullen and silent but the queen rose and approached Patrick. She spoke to him with respect. "O just and mighty man," she said, "Do not destroy the king. He shall come to you and he will do your will and he will kneel and believe in your God," Her influence prevailed and because the events of the past few hours had shaken him, the king kneeled before Patrick, offering peace. It was a false gesture, designed to allow him to avoid the present situation.

From Celtic Flames - Kathie Walters -

Celtic Flames
by Kathie Walters
Retail $7.99.........Suggested Donation $7.00

Accounts of the supernatural ministries of Patrick, Brigid, Cuthbert, Brendan, Kieran etc. Read how these Celtic Christians in the 4th-5th-6th centuries demonstrated the power of God and won the hearts of the people for the Lord. For example, Patrick converted Dublin by raising the king's two children from the dead. Read this and many other wonderful accounts. This book has 96 pages.
ISBN 1-888081-55-4

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do You Need to Be Raised From the Dead?

Florida Man is Raised from the Dead when Doctor Obeys God's Voice to Pray

This miracle of a physical resurrection is one that is repeated over and over each day as people experience the new life - spiritual life that only God is able to accomplish.

What impresses me most about this story is that the doctor heard God tell him He was going to perform a miracle after the doctor himself had given up hope. How many of us have our spirits atuned to what God is saying to us as we go about our daily tasks? We should be. Maybe we'll see more miracles!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Boldness that saved a life

I just read a true story from Kiwi Publishing about a stranger who was bold enough to make a phone call that saved the life of someone she barely knew. The moral of the story: don't worry about what another person will think of you. Act on what you feel prompted to do. Click on the link to read the full story.
A Stranger who Saved a Life
Kiwi Publishing - Saturday, 01 March 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

New to Internet Marketing? Good Wealth Solution

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Friday, February 8, 2008

New Solution for Wisdom - Power Series

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

True Wealth

True Wealth - I just had to share some tremendous insights into this subject by a friend and business associate, Tim Darnell. It fits in exactly with the theme of this blog - health, wealth and wisdom! Hope you enjoy Tim Darnell's perspective on true wealth. You can subscribe to this weekly letter, Footsteps of Faith Messenger by going to the link above or by going here and clicking on the upper right corner of the site where it says "subscribe now."

Footsteps of Faith Messenger - Issue 189

Precious Rewards
Genesis 1-3
Psalm 106:3

Tim Darnell

What is most important to you? Have you lived most of your adult life striving to make money? Where is the majority of your time spent – being at work? By the way, why do you work – to make money? Would you do the work you’re doing if there was not a monetary reward awaiting you at the end of your work hours? I think we could surmise that we spend a whole lot of time, in fact, the majority of our time trading our time for money. By virtue of how much time we spend in the pursuit of money, it must be really important.

Let’s step back a bit and see if we can learn from the Bible a thing or two about what is most important. Spending a lot of time making money can actually be a good thing when we get our hearts right and go about it correctly. I’ll bet that raised some eyebrows! Don’t leave yet - read further, please.

In Genesis the first chapter, God is busy. He spends six days creating the world as we know it. His response to each aspect of creation was the refrain, “And God saw that it was good.” After God had rested on the seventh day, He noted that one thing was “not good”, and that was the fact that man was alone (2:18). And so, He created a woman to be the suitable helper for Adam.

Adam had everything – the Garden of Eden, dominion over the animals, every seed bearing plant and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. “They will be yours for food.” He also had gold - “the gold of that land is good” (2:12), aromatic resins and onyx – all things of value and pleasurable in Adam’s sight. He was master of the universe at that point in time. But without another person, the woman, he was alone. And that “being alone” condition was “not good” according to God.

You likely expect that this is a message about how bad money is, and you would be wrong. Adam’s stuff was “good”, all of it was declared “good” by God Himself – scripture is very clear about that. God gave it to Adam and mankind because He creates good things for our good. He purposely gives good things to us. But the good things are incomplete, by themselves. Our very life situations are incomplete without other people, in particular, our spouses. This is a clear message for you and me – it is “not good” to be alone.

Our greatest rewards are not stuff, but that’s not to say our things and our money are bad – not at all. No, our stuff is actually good - but “stuff” leaves us incomplete without other people in our lives.

The word, “righteousness” occurs in the Bible more than 300 times. It means “right relationships”. It also means “prosperity” and “wealth” when you understand how and why we are truly blessed. The fact is, true wealth is actually found in our relationships - the people in our lives that we treat with righteousness. We have a blessed union with others by dialoguing with them, being available to them, and sustaining the relationship throughout our lives. Our right relationships are exceedingly precious things of value in our lives.

Righteousness is vertical and horizontal. When we are right with God (the vertical), we experience true prosperity. When we are right with our fellow man (horizontal), we experience true wealth. When we serve others, we begin to understand what God really wants for us to do in life. When we give to others and help others, we create great wealth in our lives.

So, if you are working a lot of hours, you can actually experience wealth in the midst of that commitment – but not in the sense of more hours leading to more dollars. No, more dollars are good, but of much greater value is being able to serve and love our fellow man within the context of our business in the midst of our work. We can take care of one another in the marketplace. Your business is a great place to make that happen. In fact, serving others with right relationships is what business really is. And serving others is the truly rewarding aspect of all relationships.

Business is any entity that has customers. Having customers is nothing more than having relationships with others. The more genuine your service is to others, and the more customers you have, the greater the value you have placed into the world. You’ve given their lives something that they want and need to have. The money you receive from your service or products is simply a by-product of the “right relationship”. How important it is to understand that the quality of the relationship comes first! In the end, after the money and the service have long-since passed, it will be the relationship of two caring souls that is the most rewarding and memorable aspect of your knowing that person.

When children bicker and show selfish tendencies, we as parents are not impressed. It’s when our children finally treat their siblings with love and compassion that we as parents are gratified. When a child shows compassion for a sibling and goes out of their way to add value in their life - that represents a joyous milestone for us. We’re proud of them for creating a “right relationship”, rather than selfishly focusing on their own needs.

That’s what God want us to do in all our relationships. He’s already given us all the stuff we’ll ever need. He’s taken care of that aspect of our lives and will continue to do so. Believing and trusting in that fact is a large component of true “faith”. God is pleased when He sees us trusting Him, and when we’ve entered into “right relationships” with others – when we go out of our way to serve them, care for them, and show genuine love for them like He’s done for us.

Righteousness – “right relationships” with God and others is our reward. The better we get at serving others in genuine love and compassion, the more accurately we hit the mark, and experience true prosperity. The result of righteousness is fulfillment – the long-lasting kind. And yes, we can make some money along the way, a by-product of a good relationship.

God made all the stuff in the Garden. He made the gold and the money, too. It is good if He made it. But it’s not good to be alone. Let’s be sure to put our relationships first. Make them genuine. Make them long-lasting. And by doing so, true righteousness and the best kind of prosperity will be your precious rewards.

“Blessed are they who maintain judgment and treat others with righteousness constantly.” Psalm 106:3

If you would like to commit your life to Jesus Christ, you can do so, and thereby experience the most important gift ever offered to mankind! You don’t have to be perfect – I’m certainly not and I know you aren’t either. In fact, we all sin and fall far short of perfection. Won’t you make the greatest decision you can ever make? I pray that you will do so today.

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Tim Darnell is a Christian business owner, professional recording artist, and most importantly, husband to Cathy and father to Lindy, Hannah, and Caleb.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Low Carb Anyone Or...?

Doing a bit of research this evening, I uncovered a treasure of information. This is in the form of 15 book reviews. Makes me wonder when this guy has time to read all of these books! My life is too busy - so I prefer reading his reviews ...
Although he is a strong proponent of a low carb lifestyle, this is what he has to say about the books he reviewed.
"Keep in mind that not all of these "diet" books are explicitly low-carb friendly, but that's okay since I think we can still find merit in the experiences shared by the authors of those books (even if we have to hold our noses with some of their "expert" opinions). Likewise, several of these books will have you stand up and cheer because they quite clearly espouse the basic tenets of a healthy low-carb lifestyle."

Get all the Leads You Need