Sunday, September 21, 2008

Using Twitter

I recently started micro-blogging using Twitter and I highly recommend it. I wasn't sure what it was all about, but it is proving to be a very effective business tool. The idea behind Twitter is to quickly and easily be able to share your updates to your blog and other sites as well as newsy tidbits of your daily life - such as the first egg your chickens laid for you! It's amazing to get to know the life behind your business associates and some of the things they do for fun.

Twitter has also enabled me to discover some other resources and tools that I am now utilizing with great benefit to my business efforts. For instance, I discovered through someone I follow on Twitter that we can schedule a virtual blog book tour to let people know about our new book, Aloha is Forever. Plus I was introduced to the 30 Day Challenge and am learning tons through it. Ed Dale, Guru Bob and company can explain anything (and they do) in a way that even the newest of the new marketers can understand and implement.

Anyway, be sure to start tweeting by going to Then start following me - I'm sreece.
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