Thursday, December 16, 2010

Natural Pain Relief

Did you realize that the best natural pain reliever is produced by your own body? Glutathione is the substance that is produced inside our cells and which contains the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that exist. Unfortunately, glutathione is useless when taken as a supplement. The good news is that years of research have resulted in a natural supplement that is able to accelerate your body's natural production of glutathione. Since glutathione production begins to slow down by about the age of 20, the ability to increase that production again is a great breakthrough, especially for those dealing with pain. The supplement is called MaxGXL and is available only through distributors who are able to personally share the Max story with those they meet. Check out the website HERE for more information.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Aloha is Forever is Now Available

Our book, Aloha is Forever; Finding Hope in the Midst of Despair is now at the printer. We should have it back within about a week and we'll be able to ship it out in time for Christmas.

If you know someone who is struggling over the loss of a loved one or have a friend who has lost an adult child, this book would encourage them. Although it tells the story of our search for our adult son, John Reece, it also shares principles that apply to any loss. We talk about faith, courage, encouragement, hope and eternity.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Marriage Resources

Are you looking for marriage tips online? Perhaps you're just getting married or want to make your marriage better. You'll find some helpful resources, advice, tips, book reviews, online courses and much more at the Marriage Resources Online site.

Marriage 101, a new premarital counseling course is getting ready to launch and you will be able to find out all the information you need both on this site and the Marriage Resources Online site. So be sure and subscribe to either of these blogs - or both. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Learn How to Buy $1 Million Homes for Just 2%

There's a new "secret" that a lucky few have already found that's enabling them to literally buy houses that ordinarily sell for around $1 Million or more - but now for just $1,997 or LESS!

There are 3,141 counties in the United States, and each one possesses thisexciting new opportunity whereby anyone with as little as $100 to seldom more than $5,000 can buy homes ordinarily valued from $30,000 to in quite a number of cases above $5 million! - and for just 1% to rarely above 5% their selling costs!

And the BEST part about this is that you can be located anywhere and still buy any home you want - even if you're 3,000 miles away or more!

But, you don't have to visit the county you buy the homes in - instead, you can do it all from the comfort and privacy of your home using just your tiny 'ole mouse!

This is what makes this such a wonderful opportunity, in that you can go online to some select websites, then pick and choose the properties you want, and then get them for between 1%-5% at most.

No matter what happens you make money!

You basically buy a homeowner's tax lien certificate because he or she wasn't able to pay their property taxes.

They by law must pay you anywhere from 16% to as much as 50% in interest - and in many cases they must pay you back within as little as 6 months.

But, if they can't pay you back, YOU own their home free and clear (and for what usually amounts to just 1% of the house's actually selling value!)

Now, at this point you can either keep the house for yourself, or you can swiftly turn around and resell it (in any economy, good or bad!) to banks, lenders or individual buyers answering your little classified ad! - and where you make a killing!

You can go to the site that has all the facts as to how you can do this from your laptop or PC by clicking on the title of this post.

Take action today as it's rumored that they are going to withdraw this exciting opportunity as soon as they reach the maximum number of "members" they can handle.

Friday, February 12, 2010

An Olympic Champion Marketer?

Today is the beginning of the Winter Olympic games and although we don't have TV and won't be seeing much of the games, we'll follow the highlights via the internet news.

But it got me thinking...

Am I an olympic champion internet marketer? And just as important - are you?

What is necessary to turn us into olympic champion marketers? I have a few ideas, but I'd welcome yours too. So feel free to comment...

So lets look at some characteristics that might help us become "Olympic Champion" marketers:

1) Champions have the ability to focus on the goal and never give up. That may be one of the most important characteristics to success in any field of endeavor. It assumes that we know what the goal is and that we're willing to focus on it to the exclusion of distractions and rabbit trails. I must admit, I haven't been very successful at this, but I'm trying to get better. One thing that helps me is to write down about 2 or 3 primary goals for the day before I get started. That helps me focus on doing the things that really count and that will take me a step closer to my goal. FYI my primary goal is to earn enough online to enable us to get out of debt. (Why are we in debt in the first place? Ummmm...don't even ask!)

2) Champions are willing to learn skills and push themselves beyond what they think their limits are. For each one of us that will mean something a little bit different. For an olympic champion it may mean practicing 15 minutes a day longer than anyone else. For a marketer it may mean learning html code when you're beyond the age you thought you could learn such new and complicated things.

3) Champions are willing to take risks. We saw that so clearly in the Superbowl when the New Orleans coach made some pretty daring and risky calls. He seemed to understand that ultimate risks were required to win the ultimate game (at least for NFL Football, anyway)! And I'm sure we'll see LOTS of risk-taking during the Winter Olympics. For those of us who are marketers, it may mean taking a risk on a new piece of software or a technique that looks like it may result in big payoffs. I don't mean that we should be stupid and jump on every bandwagon that comes along. We still need to do our research and be analytical, but occasionally something comes along that is so obviously a risk worth taking, that we should take it. I've gotten stuck on both ends of this - taking a risk on both "duds" and "diamonds" and I think we can all agree that taking a risk doesn't necessarily mean the outcome is always good.

4) Champions spend lots of time practicing the things that will take them farthest - and being willing to do it over and over and over. I can imagine that if an athlete is able to identify a weak area that needs to be perfected, he will spend a great deal of time practicing and perfecting that specific skill. So will marketers. Do we hate writing and submitting articles? If so, we either need to find another strategy to accomplish the same thing or hire someone else to write the articles or just grit our teeth and write articles. Not too difficult to figure out but the advantage we have over athletes is that we can work around our weak areas and still come out ahead.

5) Champions give just a little bit more. Notice I didn't say "take." They give and that's what olympic champion marketers need to do too. We need to have the "give" mentality instead of the "take" mentality. As marketers, we should always be giving more value than our partner or client on the other end is expecting. Olympic champions do just that! They give it their all and hold nothing back.

I welcome your ideas of characteristics to add to this list. Here's to all of us becoming "Olympic Champion" marketers!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

#1 Video Marketing Software

Are you using video in your marketing efforts? If not, this is something you really need to do if you want to have the edge on your competition. In 2008 we bought each other a Flip video camera for Christmas. I started using it immediately but didn't really know much about how it could be used in marketing until recently. I'm still learning along with you, but this is something I wanted to share with you.

It is now possible to use your videos to build your list by embedding an opt in box. And you can embed viral sharing tools and much more. If this sounds like a good idea to you, you should check out the #1 video marketing software that will make it possible for you to do all of this and more easily than you could have imagined.

Due to FTC rule changes, I must make the disclaimer that I do not make any guarantees and that the links in this blog post are paid advertising. Please check out the link and decide for yourself in regard to the claims that are made.

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