Monday, July 13, 2015

Startups Need Clients

Have you ever had a really good idea and created a product or business around that idea only to fail for lack of clients and/or sales? This is all too common. The fail rate for startup businesses is extremely high.

I recall having a really good idea that our whole family thought would fill a need. We took steps to implement it and were very disappointed with the results. We just couldn't get the word out to enough people to get enough clients. We could have thrown a lot of money into advertising and still not have been able to create enough cash flow to sustain that idea until we had enough clients. We were all discouraged.

And this is what happens all too often for startups. The inertia of getting started is often too great to overcome resulting in another great idea getting scrapped.

But that is all about to change. Technology plus innovation have come together in an amazing way to bring hope and help to small businesses and startups.

More info coming soon...
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