Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review of the Auto Recruiting Platform (ARP)

If you have been looking for a review of the Auto Recruiting Platform

and wondering whether it's for you, I want to

give my perspective on some of the pros and cons of this

remarkable business building system.

But first, a disclaimer: If you've already opted in and

confirmed your cell phone number, you are permanently

linked to the marketer whose system you opted into. In

other words, if you didn't opt into mine, I won't be able

to work with you, nor you with me. That's the way it works

- no exceptions. And even though I may miss out on a

commission or two, this policy is really the best for all.

So here is my review of the Auto Recruiting Platform (ARP).

Now for the pros of the Auto Recruiting Platform:

     1. This is a complete hands off system once you have

purchased advertising. (However, you can jump in and

encourage your potential clients to take the next step in

the process but the system will work even if you don't do

that.) You may not see the full value in this, but if

you're anything like me, you'd rather not spend every

spare waking moment at your computer working on your

business. Having time for the things you value in life is

the "beauty" of this system. So if you like the idea of

having a system do 99% of the work, then this is for you.

     2. For a minimal monthly fee, you get unlimited (yes, I

said unlimited) 2-way SMS messaging to any country in the world.

Depending on your specific provider, the provider itself

may have charges that apply, but the system itself does

not, aside from the monthly membership fee. You can even

write one message and the system will

send it out to all your prospects at one time. If you have

ever checked into the cost of a system like this, you'll

realize that this is a fantastic bargain. (In fact it would take several

decades of monthly payments to cover the actual cost of this

service for just one month.) Did I say "VALUE"?

     3. The system includes funnels that you can customize,

video software, multiple automatic funnels, the

opportunity to purchase super targeted traffic for just

about any niche, SMS messaging, a reseller license to sell the

system to bricks and mortar businesses as well as much, much more.

Although right now we are still in beta which means that

not everything is available yet, the team that is building

this system has demonstrated vision, ability and integrity

at a level I have not seen before.

     4. Duplicate-able. You've probably heard over and over

that in order to be successful in an online business you

must have a system that others can duplicate. The Auto

Recruiting Platform is the ultimate in duplicate-ability.

You do not need to spend hours on the phone or on webinars

or holding meetings, supporting and encouraging those you

recruit. The system does it automatically. You simply have

to see it to believe it.

     5. Because of that duplicate-ability and because of the

support system that is in place, anyone, absolutely anyone

can be successful using this system. That was the goal

from the beginning and will always be the goal of the

corporate team. When I heard and understood where this

system came from and the motivation of the designer, I was

completely blown away!

     6. It's still in Beta which is also a potential "con" but

it is also a "pro" because being in Beta means you can

get in cheaper now than you'll ever be able to after it moves

into Beta 2 which could be any day. You'll then be sorry you didn't

get in months ago. The system must work perfectly before moving into

the next phase and I appreciate the fact that the developers aren't

caving in to the pressure and excitement of all the resellers. They know

from experience they need to get ALL of the glitches worked out

while in Beta. So if you can be a little patient, this is the best time to

get in.

The cons of the Auto Recruiting Platform:

  1. This isn't for everyone. If you have no money to invest 
in advertising to build your business then this is

definitely not for you. Just go back to clicking on ads to

earn a pittance or filling out surveys to earn a bit of

small spending money. Or go and do any one of a multitude

of "small" things online that require no risk and no money

to get started. Anyone who is serious about earning money

online or replacing their current job with a "work-at-

home" job that replaces that job income knows that you

must have money to invest in advertising. (However, since

this is the last system you will ever need to invest in, find something

to sell, have a garage sale, if you have 2 cars, sell one so you have

that advertising budget. You'll be glad you did!)

     2. If you don't have a vision for achieving residual

income - in other words, income that keeps coming whether

you work or not, then don't even check this out. This is

the only system/business I've come across on the internet

in the 10 years I've been working at earning a decent

living from home that actually has the marketer's best

interests in mind. The auto recruiting platform is an

enabler so if you don't want to be enabled, don't even

look at it.

     3. It requires an application fee, a completed application

and a two-party approval process. If the individual

reseller or the corporate reviewer thinks this won't work

for you, unfortunately you won't be able to access this


     4. It is still in "Beta" which means that everything is

being developed, tested, tried, retested, etc. You will

need to be patient. will be worth the wait! will have to be patient. It's like having a

carrot held in front of your nose and not quite being able

to reach it. But...soon!

I could go on and on and come up with more pros as well as

a few more cons, but I think this will give you a good

idea whether the auto recruiting platform is something you

should pursue - or not.

Go here if you think it might be! Verify your cell phone, pay the

$4.95 application fee (refundable if you decide it isn't for you), complete

your application and buy your reseller license. You have to see this to

fully appreciate it.

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