Monday, December 17, 2012


Some marketers believe that FREE is a magic word that will attract customers. While that may be true to some extent, I'm not sure I swallow that hook, line and sinker.
I have personally tried many so-called FREE products as well as methods of marketing that are supposedly free. Most of them require either an upgrade to a paid version in order to get the true benefit of whatever product or service is being offered. Or they require massive amounts of time to be invested in order to gain any benefit. In other words, I have wasted a lot of time pursuing things that are free.
My point is that if you are looking for real FREEDOM, (isn't that really the bottom line for most of us who are marketing online?) trying to get there without investing in products or services that will help you accomplish that is in my opinion, a fruitless pursuit.
FREE attracts tire kickers more often than true entrepreneurs, serious customers and business-minded individuals. And in order to accomplish your goal of financial freedom and time freedom, you need a team of people who really want to invest in themselves and who are serious about getting from point A to point B.
FREE also sometimes makes me wary or even downright mad. Many times I have been drawn into a video or a sales page by the word "free" only to discover that there is nothing actually free. Maybe the person who put up the page meant that the information about the product or service was free. But there was always a "buy now" button at the end. me that is deceitful and there is nothing free about it. Plus it had just wasted a bunch of my precious time. I personally would much rather let my potential customer or team member know the cost upfront, wouldn't you?
So being rather wary of these marketing "tricks," by having fallen victim to them so many times in the past, I was naturally quite wary when someone asked me, "Would you like to earn $150 to $300 a day?" Seemed a little too good to be true. But I decided to click the link and watch the video just to see. Something about this was different. It wasn't free, but the initial cost was so low and the return so high, I couldn't believe it without seeing it for myself. It all made sense and was delivered without all the hype and the marketing language I was used to seeing in these kinds of sales videos.
So if you're looking for a product, service, system all rolled into one that can provide you with financial freedom and time freedom, I encourage you to check it out for yourself. And let me know what you think. It's a system that enables you to promote whatever your primary business is while earning enough money to enable you to pay for advertising as you go. So I encourage you to go there now to get started on your journey to FREEDOM.
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